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    Chapter One: In The Beginning

    Ezekiel Thomas

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    Chapter One: In The Beginning Empty Chapter One: In The Beginning

    Post  Ezekiel Thomas on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:11 pm

    The Book of Cozlam

    Chapter 1

    In The Beginning

    In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing what so ever. Then suddenly there was something. A new world and on this world there was a man. This man envisioned a world where he could control and change things as he saw fit. Where there was a blank world quickly was filled with continents. The man felt that the world needed something. So he created something. Great, thunderous beasts suddenly walked the earth. To put this into a time it was day -1569. These beasts amused the man for a time, but he became bored. The beasts while large and often vicious were a bit to docile for the man. He wanted something that would think for itself and something that he could live among if needed.
    So on day -2 he created a meteorite to wipe the species out once and for all, it was a success and the species ceased to exist. However remnants of this era can still be found, in things such as the oil we so preciously use for moving tickets and there have been reports of men finding large fossils in iron mines across the eWorld.

    But the man found himself wondering what to replace his monstrous beasts with. He was walking along a river on day -1 and he caught the reflection of himself. This gave him an interesting idea. Why not create a being modelled in his image? But he needed to make a decision, would he be a known as the eGod living among them? Or create a being to take his place and let him live in peace until he wanted to be known? He decided on a being to take his place and let him live in peace. This being was known as admin. It was set up as his consult and a way in which to keep his new world under control. He intended for it to be a beast which was revered and feared.

    And now that he had a being to simplify his life and to be his voice in this new world, he needed to create the beings that would populate his new world. He started by looking at himself. He created a head, then a neck, then a torso, then arms, fingers, arms, feet and finally toes. Now these beings were created. And he was pleased.

    And so mankind was created in his image. But what should this man work towards? What would be this man’s new goal? He then sat down and thought to himself. And it was in these thoughts that he created “modules”. Economic, War, Political modules all formed in his thoughts. He gave us something to achieve. There is no need to wander aimlessly. One can be an entrepreneur, or a country president, or a feared solider. The man was pleased with the goals he had set out for us.

    So on Day 0 the man sat down, pleased with himself.

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