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    Chapter Three: The Gospel of little DA

    Ezekiel Thomas

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    Chapter Three: The Gospel of little DA Empty Chapter Three: The Gospel of little DA

    Post  Ezekiel Thomas on Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:05 am

    Chapter 3

    The Gospel of little DA

    As I moved through the eWorld I found a world full of evil and of little hope.
    I wished for hope for the ePeople of this world but could find none.
    I was told by so called wise men to travel to ePakistan and you will find what you are looking for.
    I started my long trip hoping, daring to dream of finding meaning in eLife.
    Once here I started to help the people, feed the people, I gave all my money, and my heart to them.

    But to my horror I found a land of true evil, where people had no hope and many false, so called man gods.
    Then I had a vision of a land down under, a land of sweeping plains, a land of flooding rains this land was called eAustralia.
    In this vision he came to me and said "I am Cozza Akbar I have fought for the people of this eWorld and I have seen in your heart you truly care for those who have no hope, I will show you the way to a great southern land."
    I mustered together my humble belonging and began my trip to the promised land of my visions.
    The journey was tough but Cozza Akbar kept telling me I have a book for you a book of wisdom and truth.
    I had finally made it to the holy place that I was promised a land called TASMANIA in eAustralia.
    As I arrived in this new land I found a small temple, I opened the large wooden doors and to my surprise a voice said

    “Come tell me about your journey, your visions, for you are a prophet, a prophet of Cozlam”

    As I looked at his face I could see this was a face that had seen the truth a face that could change my life for ever.

    This man was Ezekiel Thomas and he had with him a book
    This book was The Book of Cozlam.
    On the 640 of the New World a revelation happened that changed one eCitizens world for ever.
    I had found what I had been looking for and it was Cozlam.

    I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Cozza Akbar and I testify that Ezekiel Thomas is the Messenger of Cozza Akbar.

    As from this day I will now live my eLife as a Cozlamic.

    He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.

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