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    Chapter Two: The First Days

    Ezekiel Thomas

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    Chapter Two: The First Days Empty Chapter Two: The First Days

    Post  Ezekiel Thomas on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:17 pm

    Chapter Two

    The First Days

    He arose on day 1 with a grin and a sparkle in his eye. Today was the day he allowed his creation to roam his eWorld. He had high hopes for this being. He had been disappointed by his last creation and hoped that this new being wouldn’t let him down. The fact that he created this being in his own image made him excited. Thoughts ran through his head. He wondered what they would do. Would they destroy this new world? No he told himself cautiously.

    He checked that everything was in order. He let “Admin” control this new world so that he could sit back and watch what he had made. The beings came, they were known as citizens. Admin first created roughly 200 then those expanded to 1000 within 8 days. Problems plagued these first citizens. Poverty and starvation ensued. The lack of any formal infrastructure meant that early citizens were given gold to help them establish companies in which to work and to sell their finished products or raw materials to other citizens.

    He was quite pleased with these new citizens. There were unsavoury citizens among them though. But this is where “Admin” stepped in and banned these citizens. To be banned was to die. Banned was a slang term the new citizens thought up. It instilled fear in many, and created interesting stories for others. Often citizens were banned for no apparent reason. When this happened rumours would spread and speculation would occur. While the man was disappointed in these citizens, he was entertained by the way that they had found exploits and bugs in his new world. He worked hard to fix these, but he had underestimated his new beings. They were very crafty and could find ways to do what they wanted no matter the cost.

    This was what the man had hoped for. A being that would challenge him, a being that would keep him guessing, a being that was almost as complex as he was.

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